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At Auto Cash-up, we put the needs of our customers first. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional service, we’re here to answer all of your questions. Check out the list of FAQs we’ve compiled below, and learn all about our business and why we’re the best place for you to sell your car. 

Why should I sell my car with Auto Cash-up?

Auto Cash-up is a service for private sellers who wish to sell their car fast and easy. Your car will be viewed by industry buyers who buy cars on a daily basis.

Is it safe?

Using Auto Cash-up is safe because all the buyers on our platform are registered Motor Vehicle Traders. We're also always here if you need any assistance with anything. We don't share any personal details with anyone. Only once you accept an offer do we share your contact details with the buyer and vica versa. Auto Cash-up also don't hold any funds of yours. The sale and purchase transaction is done directly with the buyer. 

What exactly is a success fee?

A success fee is the fee that Auto Cash-up charge when you accept an offer from a buyer. The amount you will need to pay is $285. This is done with a credit card transaction and it will only be done once you and the buyer are in agreement on the offer being presented on your listing. You must read our terms and conditions when you list your car. Note: we do not charge you before you decide to go ahead with the deal and we don't charge you for a percentage of the sale value either. You should consider our fee when looking through the offer amounts from the buyers. 

Will buyers need to drive my car before they buy it?

Chances are slim. These buyers are professionals who do this as their job, so they have a keen eye for what they're evaluating. It's advisable to furnish as much detail as you can about your car. This way, potential buyers can feel confident in making offers. If they sense any information gaps, they might hesitate to present a favorable offer.

Why don't I just sell my car privately?

Selling your vehicle privately demands a significant amount of effort, as you assume full responsibility for the entire sales process. This includes tasks such as crafting listings, covering advertising costs, handling inquiries, navigating through time-wasting interactions, guarding against potential scams, and opening your home to strangers. The duration required to sell your car is uncertain, with the added expectation of securing a favorable price, considering the elevated risks and inconveniences involved.

We simplify everything and make it all happen in record time, while taking away all the hassle.

Is there any paperwork?

The transaction occurs directly between you and the buyer; Auto Cash-up does not play a role in the deal. Our role is to connect you with the business offering the best price for your car. Once you accept an offer, the transaction details and paperwork adhere to the policies of the specific business you opt to engage with. However, it is important to note that the offer you select will have come from a business that has agreed to our terms and conditions, which state that any offers they make, are indeed binding. 

What if the buyer decides not to go ahead with the purchase?

The buyer is legally obligated to buy the car from you once you have accepted their offer. These transactions are binding and both parties agree to these terms during and listing and offering process. 

Once I accept an offer, what happens?

Once you accept an offer, the success fee will be charged to your credit/debit card and you will be put into contact with the buyer immediately. They will arrange to collect your car and make payment to you.

What if I don't like any of the offers?

You are not under any contract or bound in any way to accept any of the offers. If you do not receive an offer that you are happy with, you simply ignore them.

How long will my car be available for buyer to make offers?

This service is so fast that buyers will start making offers almost immediately. Consequently, your car will only be available for offers for 48 hours. It's important to remember that you don't have to wait the full 48 hours; you can accept an offer at any point during the offer period.

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